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Want to attract the best Talent? Focus on your employer branding!

By Jobatar on 03-Oct-2016 14:38:41

Today there are many employers who still see their recruitment efforts and their company branding as completely separate things – the former an HR function and the latter a job for marketing people to think about. The reality, of course, is that the two are much more closely interlinked than some people realise … and those businesses which are able to embrace the more holistic concept of “employer branding” are likely to see benefits in both their consumer image and in their recruitment efforts.

At the heart of employer branding are your existing employees. There are advantages – in both marketing and recruitment – in presenting your business not as a faceless corporate brand, but rather as what it actually is: an organisation made up of diverse individuals, all working together to achieve common goals.

In the 21st century, employer branding is even more important when it comes to recruitment. Social media is ubiquitous, and your own employees have the potential to be your greatest ambassadors – or your harshest critics. Engaged and satisfied employees will speak about your brand enthusiastically in person and online, to the extent of sharing job adverts and other recruitment efforts via their social media channels – they are happy working for you, and are therefore happy to bring others into the fold.

Frustrated and disengaged employees, on the other hand, can actively harm both your brand reputation and your efforts to recruit new talent. Disgruntled current and former staff can, and do, leave anonymous reviews on third-party websites such as Glassdoor. Needless to say, this can be problematic for your employer branding when it comes to recruitment – particularly as around 80 per cent of job seekers will research a potential employer online before deciding to apply for a position.

The key message here is that – no matter how slick your marketing team is – successful employer branding isn’t something that you can just invent and project to the outside world; at its heart it must genuinely be built on a positive, supportive and inclusive business culture and values, and employees who are engaged and passionate about the company they work for and the people they work with.

That said, employer branding isn’t something that just happens by itself, either. Your HR team should be front and centre in building and promoting your employer brand – to both existing employees and potential new recruits. Presenting your brand effectively will take many forms, from internal communications to your company’s web and social media presence.

Your recruitment process in itself should both build upon and strongly project your employer brand. Innovative hiring technologies such as Jobatar’s on-demand video interviewing tools can help to keep your company’s brand, culture and values prominent during key touchpoints, improving the experience and helping to turn candidates into not just employees, but also enthusiastic brand ambassadors.
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