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Game On” for HR in a Dramatically Different World of Work"​

By Jobatar on 25-Feb-2016 09:41:51

In 2016, HR Technology faces a radical pace of transformation. But is there a gap between today’s reality and what’s needed?

SilkRoad surveyed over 1,500 professionals to produce "The State of Talent Management" to highlight issues that matter most to HR professionals.

The survey reveals that employees engagement and retention is the  #1concern of professionals as fierce competition for top talent has shifted the balance of power to savvy candidates.

Identifying and recruiting the best talent is one of the top priorities among HR leaders who recognise the strong link between talent acquisition and company culture, feeling accountable for creating a culture that attracts and retains employees.

Furthermore the report reveals that when it comes to talent acquisiton, employees are HR’s secret weapon; employee referrals are the leading source of hires. Not only do they reduce recruiting costs, they experience less turnover than other workers.

Moreover, a healthy employer brand is a recruiter’s best friend. When employees embrace the brand, they become ambassadors, spreading the word that “this company is a great place to work".

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