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Don't let your Hiring process Melt and slowdown in the summer season.

By Jobatar on 27-Jul-2018 10:35:25



Today is the hottest day in the year, and July and August are going to be some of the hottest months on record. This trend is set to continue. Will this affect your hiring strategy during this period..?

The tubes, trains, buses are becoming unbearable for most of us during this time. What do your candidates think? Perhaps candidates are thinking of postponing their interview for a couple of weeks, the last thing they want to do is to turn up to an interview, feeling and looking sweaty in this heat and risk making a bad first impression. Factor in that most face to face interviews are out of hours, or candidates have to take time out of their working day to attend a face-face interview, then in this weather, its easy to see why some are postponing.

This results in your Talent team potentially loosing momentum with those candidates and the hiring process slows down, while they also run the risk of the candidates getting approached with other opportunities. 


Many scheduled first round face-face interview are speculative to some extent. Candidates are invited in on the back of a well written polished CV. A CV can only tell part of the candidate story. It conveys nothing about cultural fit. A telephone option in this extreme weather is a better option, but again this only tells part of the story. The better option is to offer your applicants a stronger candidate experience. Allow them the option to take and record a video interview to your tailored questions. This is something that they can comlete on their own time. It costs them nothing to record a video interview, and they get a strong employer branded experience of your company or Recruitment agency. Likewise, if the candidates are successful after a recorded video interview, and are subsequently invited to the next stage in your process, then the chances are they will prepare that much harder, as they will know that you have already reviewed their asnwers to your set questions. 

On the flip side the benefits for the hiring manager include the hiring process is kept on track; recruiters can make a validated judgment based upon the video interview. Recruiters can screen far more candidates and spend less time doing, it, thus saving time and money. Plus the video interview is stored; there is a record of that interview and point of future reference that they and their colleagues can refer back to, which helps make collaborative decisions. Ultimately your Talent team will only invest their time in strong candidates that are validated during the on demand video interview stage. Thus potentially improving the quality of your hires.


Being able to offer your applicants a better way and more interview options during the Summer Season, will boost your employer branding, Save you time and money on the screening process , and keep your Recruitment Campaigns on track. 







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