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Is On-Demand Video interviewing the solution to unconscious bias in the Hiring Process?

By Jobatar on 29-Nov-2017 11:59:57

Diversity has been one of HR's biggest Buzz words since the early 2010's. Global brands such as Google, Facebook, Amazon have led the way and all talked of the benefits that Diversity brings to their company's. This has filtered across the entire HR landscape. Companies have implemented process's and given dedicated in house training to achieve this. 

You want to hire the best person for the job. That's a given. Your company's core values promote the benefits of Diversity . Your hiring process is fair and equal, enabling you to hire the best talent for your Recruitment drive.  

But is your hiring process promoting Diversity? 

  • Is it as good as it could be?  
  • You may be biased in ways that you don't expect..  
  • In ways that have nothing to do with the obvious ways people make hiring mistakes. While you still get good people when you interview with bias, you may not be getting the best candidates.

Four ways your bias might be preventing you from making the best hire: 

Choice-Supportive Bias 

Did you have to fight to get a candidate on the interview list? Did you argue that a person from your Alma Mater should be interviewed even though others didn't think she was one of the best candidates? While what you tell yourself is that you want these people to have a chance, what happens is that you perceive their interviews in a much more positive light because you made the choice to bring them in. You're not so much fighting for the best candidate as you are fighting to validate your own choices. 

Cultural Stereotypes 

"If the interviewer has a preconceived notion of how an interviewee's ethnicity will affect their job performance, this could greatly impact the hiring decision," warns emphasis. This isn't always negative towards the candidate--it's just as easy to give someone extra points because of their ethnicity as it is to have a negative viewpoint. 

Contrast Effect. 

Did you know that if you interview someone who is just not a good fit at all, that can make the next candidate look even better than she is? The next candidate is so much better than the last one that she seems to shine, even if she's not the best candidate for the job. 

Negative Emphasis Bias 

Let's say in the beginning of the candidates interview, the candidate reveals, if hired, he will not be able to start in the position for three weeks. You were hoping to find a candidate who would be able to start immediately, so this is bad news in your opinion. For the rest of the interview, it's possible that this could overshadow everything positive that the applicant has to say because you are still stuck on that tidbit of negative information. 

While you tell yourself you'd be willing to wait an extra week for the best candidate, everything this candidate says is colored by this, and it makes it difficult to judge him fairly. 

Can Video Interviewing  Stop Biased Interviewing in Your Workplace? 

  • Traditionally we all know the worst time to conduct an interview is Monday morning or last thing Friday afternoon. This naturally can cause unconscious bias, depending on the mood that you are in.  With an On Demand Video interview, when your candidates have completed the video interview, You can review all video interviews in one sitting, so all candidates get viewed and rated on a fair and equal setting.  
  • You can make notes and rate a candidate numerically with an On Demand Video interview. You can create core criteria for each specific job. This creates structure and restricts the possibility of Unconscious bias creeping in 

  • Traditionally, when an interview is conducted between a recruiter and a candidate,  when its completed,  that's it, there is no record of it. Interview notes are often made on the hop. On Demand Video Interviews are recorded ,saved and stored, so you can go back to them. You can make fantastic notes. You may also collaborate with a colleague if you are 50/50 borderline on a candidate.  

If you would like more information on how Jobatar can help in bolstering Diversity and  the hiring process , please get in touch.



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