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2016 HR Recruitment  Trends Survey: Key Findings

By Jobatar on 18-Feb-2016 10:15:45


Survey findings revealed that most companies in the last 12 months struggled to find qualified candidates to fill their open positions, along with facing challenges related to budget limitations.

 Companies are prioritising the need to have a clear and defined employer brand strategy; 41% of surveyed companies identified the urge to enhance their employer brand strategy as one of their top priorities for the next 12 months.

 The way companies market themselves to job-seekers is becoming increasingly important, the days when top candidates lined up to apply for a position are long gone; companies need to put recruitment strategies in place to earn the best candidates’ attention.

 Job applicants are turning to social media, internet searches and websites, to get an insight about a companies culture, how happy their employees are and so on. Companies need to tell their story, spread the employer brand message and communicate with their audience.

Find out more, download the 2016 HR Recruitment trends survey report.

2016 HR Recruitment Trends Report




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