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How To Offer A Great Candidate Experience

By Jobatar on 11-Feb-2016 10:44:26

There’s some great talent in the job market, unfortunately there’s a lot of competition to attract that talent. So how does an applicant who has interviewed at two companies with identical packages on offer, decide between two job offers? 

It’s that old adage: first impressions count. When an employee struggles to choose between two roles, they will base their decision on their experience with that company to date. That’s why it’s so vital to offer a great candidate experience; something Jobatar can help with!

Communicate to build rapport early on

This might seem an obvious point, and yet it is easy for iinterviewing fatigue to set in and for candidates to suffer as a consequence. Every candidate should be treated with equal levels of enthusiasm; they shouldn’t be made to feel like a point on someone’s to-do list. In short, nothing comes across worse than a lack of communication. Candidates expect to hear from employees in the run up to an interview and within hours of attending meeting you for the first time (even if it’s just a “nice to meet you” message). Be impressed iif questions are asked – it shows interest - and answer them promptly. If you want to offer a role then a steady flow of on-boarding emails will go a long way to assuring candidates that they have made the right decision in accepting an offer. You want them to feel like they are a member of the team before they walk through the door on day one.

Video interviewing provides a smooth and simple experience

We’ve said that first experiences count; video lets an employer connect with candidates in a meaningful way even before they meet for the first time. In business terms, it helps a company win a pitch before the pitch. 

From the candidate’s point of view, video enhances the overall recruitment process and gives them the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the pack through their recorded interview. It allows them to bring their CVs to life and engage with potential employers at the earliest possible stage of the hiring process. What’s more it transforms candidates into brand ambassadors, letting the business share its company culture and values from the offset.

Your company’s personality should be on display

Candidates are people and they want to work with people. If they wanted to communicate in legal speak, they would consult a lawyer! Companies should demonstrate their personality in their email and phone conversations. Are they young and trendy with a sociable culture? Do they maintain a traditional, corporate workplace? Fair enough – but make that clear in the tone and content of the messaging. It would be unfortunate if a candidate’s perception of a business, created through pre-role communication, didn’t match up to the reality of the job. 

Communication, personality and simplicity, three things that come together to form the perfect candidate experience. By adjusting the interview process to take these points into account, businesses have a good chance differentiating themselves from their competitors; it will be these differences that ensure a candidate chooses to work for you in the future. 

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