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Goodbye Skype – Jobatar has launched Live Video Interviewing

By Jobatar on 04-Apr-2017 09:50:05

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There’s no denying that tech innovation is revolutionising HR and recruiting. Video interviewing may never entirely replace face-to-face interviews, but here at Jobatar we believe that video interviewing technology has its place at the core of recruitment processes; allowing applicants to record a video of their answers to pre-set interview questions – and recruiters to review applicants’ videos at their convenience – can save valuable time and money in comparison to scheduling and conducting face-to-face interviews. This type of one-way video interviewing can also help recruiters make more accurate hiring decisions, and is perhaps the best alternative to telephone interviews.

Since 2013, Jobatar has helped hundreds of companies – including brands such as M&S, London City Airport and Addison Lee – adopt more efficient and agile methodologies to improve their hiring processes. Now, we are pleased to announce a new service to sit alongside our established One-Way Video Interviews: the ability to conduct branded Live Video Interviews and contact your candidates via live stream on the Jobatar platform.

We’ve aimed to make this new service as simple to use as possible: there’s no need for either you or the candidate to download Skype or other third-party software, no need to open new windows to send invites to candidates, or schedule and reschedule between different calendars – Jobatar will do all of this for you.

What is Live Video Interview and how is it different from One-Way Video Interview?

A Live Video Interview is two-way conversation between the interviewer and the candidate. You can easily connect face-to-face with the candidate via webcam at a pre-arranged time and date.

One-Way Interviews can be used either as an initial screening method when hiring for high-level specialist positions, or at the final round of interviews to save costs on travelling. You can also invite candidates from One-Way interviews to Live Video Interviews if you want to move candidates to the next stage in your hiring process.

What are the advantages of Jobatar Live Video Interviews compared to Skype?

It’s indisputable that employer branding plays an important part in successful recruitment. Skype interviews, while they may have a degree of convenience, allow for virtually no meaningful branding during the process. The Jobatar Live Video Interview allows you to brand your interview pages and contact emails with logos and welcome videos so that it would look like your own video channel.

Live Video Interviews work directly on the Jobatar online platform, which is easier for everyone involved; providing each party has a working webcam, there’s no need for either the recruiter or the candidate to download or install any other software. When you set the date and time for the interview it is added to your calendar automatically; the candidate only needs to click the link in the email invitation to connect with the recruiter online.

Our system makes managing interview reminders and rescheduling emails extremely straightforward. Reminder emails are sent to all candidates and recruiters, while rescheduling an interview can be done with the click of a button. Our platform allows for up to three parties to join a Live Video Interview.

One of the key benefits of Live Video Interview is the capability to track and assess candidates on the Jobatar platform. Following a Live Video session with a candidate you can go back to your account on Jobatar and rate the candidates, add comments and ratings, and make final decisions.

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