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Recruitment: Rewind, Restart

By Jobatar on 10-Feb-2016 16:25:41


Time and again we hear companies express concern about how difficult it is to attract and recruit good staff. The process is often lengthy and expensive, distracting hiring managers away from the billable tasks that they must complete as part of their core role. They find it frustrating to hold meetings with candidates that, while looking good on paper, don’t fit with the company culture or role. In the worst cases, they don’t even show up.

Industries are finding their skills pools shrinking as the best candidates gravitate toward companies with the strongest branding, most company perks and greatest public recognition.  It’s a common feeling for hirers; booking out diaries for back-to-back interviews, full of hope, only for each candidate to fall short of requirements.

 If the above does strike a chord of familiarity, fear not, you’re not alone. However you can take action to improve matters, breaking the pattern to save you and your business time and money. How?

 Before anything else, you need go back to basics, review your recruitment strategy and investigate some of the new tactics proving successful for others.

 One of those tactics is social recruiting. Networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the perfect platforms for finding potential employees, sharing job openings, and developing relationships. If you’re not yet using social, you can bet your biggest competitors are.

 A CV will set out a person’s perceived skills, and a recruiter will boast about their candidate’s strengths, but social platforms add a new dimension to a person: personality. Searching through social platforms you can find and contact skilled workers and have a much better chance of ascertaining cultural fit and therefore reducing time wasted on blind interviews. Being on social media, facilitating informal online conversations and demonstrating your company culture on a social platform; and you have a better chance of reaching your perfect candidate and of them reaching out to you.

 Social has quickly become a common, tried and tested and widespread recruitment tool. It can provide great candidate insight, yet many businesses still need that extra degree of information in order to pick the wheat from the chaff.

 Enter video recruitment. If you’re short of time and looking for a way to minimise the number of first-round face-to-face interviews you have to work through, then video recruitment is the ideal tool. It can reduce recruitment time by up to 60% as you can identify the best candidates in a fraction of the time. As a direct result, the cost per hire can be cut dramatically.

CVs hide a candidate’s personality but there’s nothing like a camera to bring it to the fore. Video adds a new dimension to a CV, letting you watch the way a person reacts to questions and describes their abilities. You can see a person’s thought processes unfold in real-time with minimal effort: there’s no need to travel or set hours aside.

Various surveys have reported companies are struggling to find the talent needed for their businesses; unless tactics change, this situation won’t improve. Adaptation is needed in order to streamline the process, locate and attract the right recruits. There are numerous methods to employ, but social, video recruitment are good places to start.

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